Goddamnit, Paul

This is Paul. You've heard his voice before.
()Paul is a symbol, not a real person. Just want to make that clear up front.)

We're pretty keen to see what people who aren't like Paul want to write about.

This new program is our acknowledgment of the lack of diversity present in Australian playwriting (particularly in Tasmania) and the intrinsic wrongness of this fact.

As a response to initial conversations with playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer (white heterosexual able bodied male that he is), we plan to develop a process that counters this alarming disparity through creating a platform for emerging writers from a broader cultural experience to work alongside experienced writers for performance. The exercise is perhaps naive but this first outing seeks to act as a provocation - for ourselves as much as others, to contribute what we can to the evolution of a more representative arts culture.

Six writers who are visible in the Hobart theatre community will work with twelve playwrights from diverse cultural and experiential backgrounds, over a number of weekends throughout a twelve month period to all share skills and develop new works.

Straight white able-bodied men need not apply. That means you, Paul.

If you're interested in being involved, email us at the link below!